Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tips for increasing your water intake

Bringing healthier habits into my life is something that is really important to me. Whether it is simply trying to drink more water or adopting a whole new way of living (hello minimalism). I'm a big believer that people should strive to thrive. Keep learning and keep growing to be the person you want to be. I was really in the thick of this when suddenly my whole life was flipped upside down and I became a single mum. My whole routine and way of life got almost completely left by the wayside. But it's been quite a few months since that happened and it's time for me to get back to a healthier, happier me and move forward with my life.

I'm going to kick it off with probably the most simplest healthy habit there is. Staying hydrated! Deep down we all know that we need to drink water. This is not news & I'm not going to go into the health benefits of doing it. But I am going to share some ideas on how to help yourself drink more.

Add it into your routine
Drink one glass before every meal or drink a glass before getting into the shower. The possibilities are endless. I personally think this is the easiest way to get more water. Ingrain this habit into your every day life and soon you won't even have to think about it.

Carry a water bottle with you everywhere
You'll be amazed how often you will just pull that water bottle out for a sip just because its there. Every time you're waiting in a line or a waiting room with nothing to do instead of playing on your phone whip out your water bottle!

Track it!
This option is not for everybody. Some might find it annoyingly tedious. But if you're anything like me then you might actually find motivation and enjoyment out of tracking your water drinking habit. I've made my own water tracker but there are plenty out there that you could download and print off. I like tracking because it keeps me accountable. Being able to see how I am improving with my water intake over time helps me to stay motivated too.

Don't aim for perfection
Aiming for perfection is a recipe for failure. You don't want to stress yourself out about it. It's supposed to make you feel good about yourself and feel healthier. Stress is not healthy. Don't beat yourself up if you didn't drink as much as you wanted on a particular day. Even just making a little bit of effort is enough.

I am planning on introducing more healthier habits when I feel ready and I'll definitly be sharing them here to keep myself accountable. But I think the key to introducing new things into your life is to not overwhelm yourself by doing too much at once. A little bit at a time and eventually it all adds up.

Is there anything that you do to encourage yourself to drink more water? I'd love to know!

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