Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eco bathroom purchases

Incase you haven't noticed their has been a big movement lately towards sustainable living. More & more people are striving to live healthier & more environmentally friendly lives. It's not easy. It really isn't. I have found it really hard to find the products I am looking to switch too in stores. Most things need to be bought online & it's kind of hard to figure out if something really is environmentally friendly or just seems like it is. But I guess any effort in this direction is better than no effort at all. right?

I recently purchased three items as replacements for common bathroom products and I wanted to share my first impressions of them.

These are said to be made with organic cotton and come packaged in a reusable plastic bag. I'm trying to limit the amount of plastic I bring into my life and I've found its ridiculously difficult to find things not packaged in plastic. But anyway, these are very light weight and really gentle on the skin. I like these but I'm not sure how long they will last because they are really thin. I wanted something that I could reserve JUST for washing my face. I tend to be using all of my regular flannels for cleaning up all my toddlers mess & they have become all stained & not really enjoyable to wash my face with. I'll see how these fair before I decide to buy any more.

Again this comes packaged in a reusable plastic travel case. Which I kind of like for this product because I can really see that coming in handy. I don't know many people that use a shower cap but I only wash  my hair once or twice a week so I use one nearly every single day. What I like about this one is it is lined on the inside with cotton so it's much more gentle on my hair than the ones I am used too. It also fits a lot better as it is slightly bigger than the brand I usually use but the elastic is tighter so I had zero run away hairs slipping out and getting wet. I'm a little unsure about how this shower cap is better for the environment than a regular one though? I guess it's all to do with the brand itself and how they operate maybe? The quality of this is great & I'd buy this again when it came time for a replacement!

This is the product I was most excited about trying. Konjac sponges are 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable. The sponge kinda looks like a kitchen sponge. It is hard and then softens once wet. You can use it alone or with your regular body wash. I used it with my bodywash and I loved it! It distributed soap evenly and was super gentle. One of the reasons I got this besides the enivonmental impact was because I definitly hang on to sponges and things for far to long. Yeah gross. But sometimes you don't realise how long you have had something before you finally get around to replacing it. These are said to last 1- 3 months so I'll be forced to replace these more regularly and therefor be a more hygienic human. haha.

I do hope to keep my momentum going and start swapping out some other things in my home. But I wonder if you have made any sustainable purchases that you would recommend? Or is there something you have been wanting to find a substitute for?

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