Tuesday, April 11, 2017

toddler easter egg craft

I love crafting with my toddler now that she is getting older. She still has a pretty short attention span though so I have to keep it super simple for her. This is an easter egg craft we recently did together that I think turned out really well.

It's pretty straight forward but you will need:
A4 kraft paper

All you need to do is let your tiny human have fun decorating the egg printout with whatever materials you choose. I stuck with crayons and pencils because..mess. Then use the scissors to cut out the egg shape when their done. Glue it on some kraft paper and add a little happy easter message underneath. Or whatever message you choose!

And you're done! Told you we keep our crafts super simple! These would make a really great gift for grandparents, we know how much they love receiving hand made things from their grandkids. I've already made a few of these to give out for easter.

Hope you all have a lovely easter and enjoy making some fun easter themed crafts with your own kids!

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