Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blogger appreciation

I wanted to share a few of the blogs I've been reading. These are the ones I read religiously. I find them inspiring, interesting and engaging. Hopefully they will add some value to your life too.

Un-Fancy - My go to fashion blog. I love Carolines blog because it isn't focused on trends but it's about carefully curating your own style and closet. Definitly worth checking out if you have a closet full of clothes but feel like you never have anything to wear.

From Roses - I really relate to Rebecca. As a fellow introvert I really enjoy reading her lifestyle posts. She writes a lot about being comfortable with who you are and often has some really great tips for self improvement. She also writes about fashion and beauty.

The Private Life of a Girl - Sophie writes about living a minimalist life. She always has some great achievable advice that anyone wanting to live a simpler life can implement. She is also great at reviewing books and I love when she posts her "links worth clicking".

More Than Adored - Sarah is probably the only real beauty blog I read anymore. I always trust her reviews and suggestions of products because she seems to really take the time to try them out and give her honest opinion. I also really enjoy following along with her life. Stalker alert.

Sarah Rooftops - Mostly a parenting blog. But Sarah writes about books and other things too. I just find Sarah to be so relatable and because our daughters are roughly the same age it's often like we are going through similar experiences. Her opinion on all things is really enjoyable to read.

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