Monday, February 13, 2017

I've misplaced my positivity

I'm trying not to feel bothered by the fact that I missed an entire week of photo's. I took a few but I didn't have the internet anyway and taking a photo a day kind of went right down on my list of priorities.  I've been REALLY tired lately, I don't know what it is. Okay, maybe that's a lie. It could be a long list of things. Stress, the heat, the fact that I haven't had a full nights sleep in a few weeks. And it's probably entirely likely that I feel so crappy because I've been eating so crappy.  I really should make my health a priority again. But I just find healthy eating so complicated. It seems that every day there is something new we aren't supposed to eat. Something else that's suddenly bad for us.

Aside from that I did manage to get a little spurt of energy and get quite a few things ticked off my to do list. There are still a few more things on my list but they either include some kind of gardening or shopping. Neither thing sounds all that exciting to me.

Listen to me will you? I sound like such a grump.

I've been thinking a lot lately about putting more time and effort into my blog. It's just so damn hard finding the time with a toddler running around. I'm the kind of person that needs to write as soon as I have an idea. But it's just not possible right now. I've tried jotting down my idea's and coming back to them later on. But later on I'm not inspired or motivated. I'd love some suggestions on how other mums make time for blogging.

Wow this post was so whiney! Let's hope I remember my positive pants next week!

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