Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This past week has been a particularly challenging one for me but I've kept up with this challenge I set myself. Taking a photo a day is kind of acting as a sort of gratitude journal in a way. It forces me to seek out a moment in every day that's worth capturing. The moment I sit down and put all the photo's together has me realising that it's still completely possible to be absolutely happy even when life seems to be completely falling apart. Even if nobody reads my blog or looks at these posts it means something to me and it's 100% worth doing. 

This week I spent a considerable amount of time with my immediate family and got out more than I usually do. It's been quite hard being thrown out of my regular routine but sometimes I think it's healthy to change things up. It helps you appreciate what is truely important and whats necessary to keep in regards to every day life. We had a few park trips, family dinners and a trip to a wildlife park this week. Madeleine got to pat a Kangaroo for the very first time. I'm sure every other mother out there understands how fun it is to watch your child do something for the very first time. I'm pretty certain its much more exciting for me than it is for her! 

Anyway, if you have ever thought about doing a photo a day I urge you to do it. It's a completely worthwhile thing to do.

1 - Madeleine has really grown to love colouring in.
2 - An impressive cake made by my brother.
3 - Playing at the park and splashing in the water at the bottom of the slide.
4 - Waking up after a very hot night.
5 - Cuddles on the couch with Nanna.
6 - A kangaroo at a wildlife park in Ballarat.
7 - Myself sitting at my desk.

I hope you all had a great week and for those going through tough times I hope you were also able to find something in every day to be grateful for.

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