Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gardens of Tieve Tara

Since going back to work it's been a miserable month of Maddie & I taking it in turns being sick and dealing with all of the emotions of settling her in to childcare. Which she is still not settled into at all, if anything she understands that I'm going to leave her now and it's worse than when she started. Plus missing so many days because of being too ill has made me wonder if there is even any point to my return to work in the first place. We both had a virus and now she has conjunctivitis, so that's fun. 
I do admit I feel much more like a human now that I'm getting out to work and doing adult things. I've even started brushing my hair again. So I guess that explains the lack of blogging, we haven't really done anything I've felt to be "blog worthy". Until this past weekend!

We visited a private garden in Mount Macedon called Tieve Tara. We packed a lunch and spent a few hours exploring. I would highly recommend it if you have children because it has little play areas for the kids and toys for them too. There's chickens and geese and even a talking parrot. Except next to the talking parrot was a scarecrow and Maddie was MORTIFIED of it. She screamed and would not let me put her down until she could no longer see it! So here are a few pictures I took of the gorgeous garden!

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